Stretch Limousine

We are the exclusive provider of White Stretch Limousine in the region of Bangkok and Pattaya

When you and your squad want to impose some style, what is better than a limousine? Arriving at the club with the limousine makes one hell of an impression, and the people witnessing it will not forget about you. You will have the feeling that you are owning the club, and you will not be far from the truth, by using our services.

We have two types of limousine. The black limousine can hold 10 people maximum, or 8 if you need space, is discreet (for a limousine) and as this touch of class. The white limousine is way less discreet, but can transport 2 more people, so 12 maximum. Both are very comfortable, with everything to make your trip unforgettable. Because every trip in a limousine is unforgettable. And it is also a tradition in bachelorette parties. So let’s keep the tradition alive!