Bachelorette Tips

Word to the Maid of Honor


If you’ve been selected to be your friend’s Maid of Honor, you have several important responsibilities to fulfill. The first and most obvious is to plan a hen’s night for your friend. Of course, what you want is for the bride to have the time of her life. You want her to remember her last days as a single woman as one of the best time ever. You want to send your friend off on this new life’s journey in style! That means selecting the best places day and night, according to your plan and budget, and party guide for the whole trip. With the help of our dedicated team of Bangkok specialists and insiders, any of her fantasies can become a reality with Hen’s Night Bangkok! Contact us to help and we’ll put together the best and most memorable party of your friend’s life!

Word to the groom


Do not worry; you are not the first groom to feel uncomfortable about your bride’s Bachelorette party.
Let her have it anyway.
If your fiancé wishes to have a hen’s night with her best friends, let her. It is quite important for her to reassure her closest friends that she is still ‘’one of them’’ even though she is committed and marrying you soon. This is also an important ritual for blowing away the pre-marital stresses and steam.

Communicate your limits
It is important, as a couple, to be open about your respective feelings and tell her what makes you feel uncomfortable about her hens night. Telling her, ‘’the idea of you hiring a stripper makes you feel nervous,’’ is very different than telling her, ‘’if you hire a stripper, it is over’’. Do not forget that she chose to commit to you because she loves you and wants to make you happy. It is completely understandable to tell her that you’re not fond of the idea of her having a crazy party without you. She will even appreciate that you told her instead of keeping it inside and being unhappy for no apparent reason. Displaying that kind of understanding and trust in each other can even bring you closer together.

Remember your own
Do not forget that you get to have a big night before your big day too. It makes sense that you both would set the same rules, so when you are talking to her about her hen’s night, don’t forget to discuss your Bachelor party. Having a mutual understanding can give you the freedom to enjoy yourselves without having any regrets.

During the Bachelorette week-end
This is not the time to sit at home watching TV, wondering/worrying about what she might be doing at that moment. Get out of the house, have a night out and a good time! Don’t let her fun take away yours, she wants you to be happy too. Plus, one of the reasons we are here is so you really don’t have to worry. Just remember one thing: there are millions of boys around the world, but YOU are the ONE she wants to marry.

Cultural Tips

Smile: Thailand bills itself as “The land of smiles,” and it’s warranted. People here smile like no other and seem to take great pride in it.

Have some respect: Thailand is by majority a Buddhist culture and the lifestyle and behavior here are extremely different than the West. There are some basic manners that will open doors to a fantastic experience and there are some things that you should never do.

Don’ts: Don’t touch anybody on the head Don’t point your feet at anybody (or touch anybody with your feet). As much as the head is considered sacred, feet here are considered foul. Don’t act or say anything disrespectful in any way towards the king or the royal family.

Basic Thai Phrases


Here are some basic Thai phrases that may prove to be useful during your Bangkok trip.

Sawatdee Ka = Hello
Khun Cheu Alai = What’s your name?
Chan Cheu = My name is …
Ayu Taorai? = How old are you?
Chun gaew! = Cheers! (touch glasses)
Mao mai? = Are you drunk?
Mao Mak! = Very drunk

You might as well get a simple phrase book or check out some Thai language websites on the net to master some flirty lines that you can use with people you will meet. You’ll be surprised at how effective this can be to open a conversation, getting a laugh, and stimulate interest.

Learn more Thai basic sentences (link –