Hens night games with strippers


You find yourself in front of a choice: to be wild or not to be wild? Which one is it going to be? If you are reading this right now, we all know what your choice is already. A bachelorette party is firstly about celebrate the end of the celibate life of one of you. But it is also about having fun with your friends. Try new things, and this is one of these things.
Don’t be shy, and enjoy the solid bodies of our strippers combined with various edibles, and maybe even a few toys in these games. The list below give you a pretty good idea about it is going to happen.

Games are here to spices things up. A striptease is great, but we are offering more than that. The activities allow you to have a connection with our Strippers. And it allows you to go from watching (and touching) to participating, and make the night truly remarkable and naughty. Our Hen Night Games with strippers are the thing to do if you want to have great sexy memories!

Click here to download a copy of some of the games with strippers you can enjoy