At your Hotel

Sushi Boy Dinner

After the Strippers, you will be probably hungry. If you know what I mean. This is why we offer this service. The Sushi Boy Dinner.
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Awesome Body Shots

The Sushi Boy Dinner is also coming with the game called Body Shot, where you drink shots of tequila located on the body of the Boy. Again, you can’t use your hands. Of course, if the fact of drinking in glass shots has no appeal to you, we can find other supports for you to drink …
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Private Lap Dance

The Lap Dance. The best moment of a strip tease to be honest. He strips. Starts to dance. Bit by bit, step by step, he is getting closer, and closer, and closer. The almost naked body of the stripper dangerously approaching yours. The excitement of the skins finally touching. The movements of his body against yours.
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Awesome Naughty Games

You are currently finding yourself in front of a choice: to be wild or not to be wild? Which one is it going to be? If you are reading this right now, we all know what your choice already is. With Hen’s Nights Bangkok, your wildest dreams will come to life.
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Pizza Delivery Prank

This is one of the most famous prank in the universe of the bachelorette party. The bell rings followed by knocks on your hotel suite door. You open. A pizza and the delivery boy is standing in front of you. But you didn’t order a pizza. And the boy is claiming for the money. What to do?
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Sexy Waiters

Partying is one of the coolest activities ever created, unless you do not like it. But if you do not like it, you probably should not be planning to do a bachelorette party. During a party, as we all know the alcohol is king. But the trouble with that is to fill up your empty drink. And usually the queue at the bar is long, very long.
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Private Chef at Home

Having a private party with our Strippers and Waiters can make get hungry … For the literal meaning, we can help you. For the other meaning, who knows? … But this page is about the literal meaning, so let’s talk about food. You probably have seen the part of our website
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Catering Service

Having a Private Chef at Home is not fancy enough for you? You want more? The Catering Service is then for you! Our caterers can offer any type of cuisine you may think about, and will prepare diversified meals for you, with stylish presentation and delicate taste.
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Customized Naughty Cake

The best way to finish a great meal is dessert. If we take the example of a wedding’s dessert, it is magnificent. It is the part of the wedding’s meal that everyone is waiting for. The arrival of this giant cake, the groom and bride cutting it, feeding one another.
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