Mentalist Show

The most famous of what a mentalist can do can be seen in the TV show called “The Mentalist”. Patrick Jane is one of the most famous character created in the 2000s, and the show was a massive success worldwide. For those of you who have not heard about this show have to know that it’s the story of a mentalist joining the police to help catching killers, using his skills of observation and deduction.

Our Mentalist Show does not feature Patrick Jane of course, as Simon Baker (the actor) does not live in Thailand. But our Mentalist is as good as this character. The show combines magic tricks and mentalist sessions, all for you.

One of you is getting married, which is one of the most important days in her life, and she chose you to witness it, and to participate to her last moments of singlehood. To begin this new chapter of her life, she needs to be able to trust no matter what. One of the ways to gain trust is to know everything about one another. The last little secrets you do not know about the bride or her bridesmaids can be discover with the help of our Mentalist. That promises you an evening of discoveries and wonders!

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