Model Makeover & Photo-shoot

Fashion is a word, but also a notion, which make us think of plenty other things: luxury brands, shows, Paris, London, Milan or New York for example. Fashion is something that make a lot of us dream, and fashion shows are very impressive, for different reasons of course. It is the clothes for some, for others it is the people wearing the clothes.
The fashion world remains in the common culture as something difficult to be part of. And it is true. Not everyone can become a model or a stylist. But we can be it for a day, and hell why not both? Why not presenting our own creation on the runway?
This is what this activity is all about. You will be able to pick your clothes from a collection of clothes, and then you will need to make the best outfit possible from it, in order to shine in front of your colleagues.
Competition and creativity are the mains points of this activity, such as is the real fashion industry. The competition is atrocious in this world, and it will appear in this activity. The runway is a tough world, and only the best succeed. Of course, the competition in our fashion parade will not determine the fittest, but who is the creative one in your team?[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”21813062″] Add to Quote

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