Bangkok is known to be one of the best cities of the world especially if you want to throw an unforgettable party. There are endless possibilities which signify Bangkok’s party scene, like: hot girls and guys, super clubs, luxury villas, penthouses, day activities, modified party buses, limos and funky minivans and a lot more.

You can spend your day relaxing at a traditional massage spa, do bungee jumping or enjoy a sunset weekend at the pool parties organized by the most trendy hotels in Bangkok. Everything and anything is possible in Bangkok especially if you want more exciting activities for your Bachelor Party, there is no need to say that you have come to the right place !

Bachelor Party Bangkok has been organizing parties for over 8 years in the Bangkok party scene, we know it’s easy to end up in the wrong spot, miss out on great stuff you didn’t even know existed or just get lost and bored in your hotel room. There are a few issues which lead to an unsuccessful party plan in Bangkok usually because of the language barrier, political and cultural differences, and finally outdated online blogging info which make partygoers get lost or plan their party with negative feedback.

Bangkok for some may seem to be like a jungle for hiring a party planner, this is where Bachelor Party Bangkok can be a great solution in order to avoid some of the traps that Bangkok has to offer, here is some advice you may find useful.

1) Make sure it’s a real company

The first thing you should do is make sure the company is real. Indeed, there are a lot fake companies in Bangkok that will try to cheat you out of your money.

Every company needs to have a registered company number/licenses, an office address, a website or a Facebook page/Instagram. You should try to call them or contact them directly by phone or by e-mail and wait for a response before you pay them any money.

Another thing you need to check before finalizing a booking for a party in Thailand, is that the company is reachable on the phone, do they have a Thai phone number? Indeed, lots of foreigners planning a trip to Bangkok realize when they arrive that there is no party planner to welcome them and they don’t have a contact number of the company. There have been cases where the company doesn’t even have staff in Thailand. This is the main reason why you should be able to have the party planner’s contact details on your phone and try to meet them in person at their office before finalizing anything with them.

2) Check for Trip Advisor reviews and authority license

Another clue that makes the company legitimate is the Trip Advisor authority license. This means that Trip Advisor recognizes the company as a real one, and you can read the complaints. Moreover, you can access all the reviews available on the site to give yourself an idea on how the company is doing. In any case, an event organizer needs this license in order to operate in Thailand.

3) Can they speak English and Thai?

One of the most important criteria for the quality of your party is to have staff that speaks English and Thai. It ensures that your party planner will have an expanded network and provide you the best that Bangkok has to offer with the best prices. Furthermore, it’s much safer to be with a native Thai speaker that is knowledgeable of the city’s traps and false illusions which could lead to a bad night in Bangkok’s nightlife scene.

SO ...

If you dig in deeper, there is a lot more criteria for you to choose the right party planner. You should take into account the years of expertisethey have in Bangkok and the reviews you can find on Google+ or Facebook. Make sure you take a good look at the choices of their servicesand packages which they propose to you.

So now you know the basics on how to avoid the common traps and scams of fake party planners in Bangkok and we hope you choose wisely and in total peace of mind.

One thing is for certain, here at Bachelor Party Bangkok we pride ourselves as honest Bangkokaeriens who have lived here in Thailand for over a decade. Ownership and management is fluent in Thai, English and several other international languages and have experience in VIP private party management with clientele from all over the world. It is always our team’s priority to plan the best party arrangements possible with the best prices.


Credits : Bachelor Party Bangkok