The BEST Activities For Your Bachelorette Party

Bar Crawl with Awesome Guide


Even if you have been before in Bangkok, or in Thailand in general, you probably cannot say that you know every bar in town. Even by looking at the part of our website about Warm Up Bars and by searching on Google already you may have an idea about the good bars in town. But having heard about some bars and knowing where and how good these bars are two different things.

Lady Boy Show

Thailand is famous for many things, and one of these things are Lady Boys. Everyone has an opinion about that, but that is not the issue here. The real issue here is to discover the world of Lady Boys, by going to see a show.

Gay bars experience

Thailand is a very open country when it comes to sex, and everyone can live there the way they are. Which means that they are quite a few gay bars in this country, especially in Bangkok. This is the opportunity to discover the world of gay men. And the world of gay bars.

Fetishist private room


The Fetishist Private Room show is here for that! This show can be performed at a special bar in town, or directly in your suite. The performance is done by two men, that will give you a show, then you will be invited to participate. You can be in charge, or you can be the one following orders, as you desire…  

Host Bars

Bangkok and Thailand in general hold a lot of Gogo Bars, but these bars are mainly targeting the men. So what is the equivalent for the women? The Host Bars. The principle is a succession of shows, catwalks and others. You will be seated to better enjoy the show.