Sailing Boat Party


Satisfy your girlfriends and yourself on a sailing weekend in mountainous cave at the Sam Roy Yot National Park and its surroundings – the beautiful islands. The stunning landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world, and will make you wonder on how can humans can recreate such beauties, and the answer is we can’t.

We can privatize for you one of the most amazing sailing boat available in Thailand, a 18 meters wooden goelette (sailing mono hull with 2 mats) in an authentic Corto Maltese pure style. Experienced skippers teams are welcoming you for your best discovery of the gulf of Thailand.

Furnished with all modern facilities such as electric toilet, shower, kitchen with fridges, big water tanks, a large flat deck to enjoy the sea breeze and funny stuff, everything is made for the cruisers comfort and safety with the latest marine GPS system. Everything is there for you to enjoy in a original way the wonders of the seas in Thailand

If you want more we have a fully complete VIP yacht party package with everything included for you and your guests with unlimited drink, food and a buch of handsome male strippers !