VIP Yacht Party​


What can be the best for your privacy than spending your Bachelorette party night out on a VIP Yacht with your chicks? You do not need to care about the neighbors, there are none! The sea is for you and no one will come to argue about that. Located in Pattaya, everything is planned for purely amazing entertainment: a great video sound system, a large flat screen TV, a comfortable lounge, and hush, the sexiest men! Alongside the men, you will be able to have some great food and alcohol. Everything needed to have one of the best afternoons of your life!

This option is obviously the best for the ones who want to enjoy an unforgettable private party with worries-free on budget!! With a 24 people capacity, our VIP Yacht allows you to have fun with all of your besties, in complete privacy!

If you want more, we have a dedicated VIP Yacht party package for you and all of your friends for endless fun!