Sportive & Fun activity for Hen Nights: Bubble Football


Bubble football is for sure the funniest way to practice football. Even if it remains football and it uses the same rules, the purpose is quite different. You are supposed to score goals sure, but you are playing in giant bubbles. Which will influence a great deal your dexterity with the ball. It also allow contacts.
When we say contacts, we mean you will purposively push your friends using your bubble. You will never be hurt by this activity, as the bubble prevents from any injury. So, as you can understand, the purpose will not really be about scoring goals, but more about seeing who in your team of besties can support the biggest charges.

Get your friends together and pair off into 2 teams so you can run, bump, bash, bobble and roll yourselves to victory. Sportive and funny activity for your hen’s night!

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