Bungee Jump -The Most Adventurous and Thrilling Activity For Your Hens Night


This is utterly one of the most impressive activities we can offer. If you want to feel a big thrill, you need to try this.

Located in an attractive spot, you will jump from an elevated position. You will fall up until the rope catches you and make you bounce in the air. You will receive a massive pump of adrenaline, and you won’t be able to hold a scream. As you can imagine, bungee jump is NOT for people with fear of heights and of extreme sensations!

This activity requires bravery, but doing this will have benefits: if you can face that, then you can face almost anything. Perfect choice if you are anxious about your wedding day, after nothing will seem to be quite as frightening!

This activity is included in some of our packages. Check out our packages to know more!