The Best Daytime Activity: Fruit Carving & Decorations in Thailand



The markets and street foods in Thailand abound of beautiful colors. The brightest colors are those of the fruits. Fruits in Thailand have a rare quality and they are very fresh. Eating them is such a pleasure. But this activity is not about eating fruits, it is about carving them.

Fruit carving is a special form of sculpture, the ephemeral type of sculpture, such as ice sculpture. You and your team will be given fruits to carve, usually big fruits such as watermelons. Sculpting a watermelon is actually quite easy, as the fruit is quite big, and therefore allow some mistakes, but also because the flesh of the fruit is very soft, almost liquid, ergo you can create any form you like. The only thing that is stopping you is your imagination and the amount of fruit you dispose, like a stone sculpture, but without the requirement of having skills in that matter.

Teams can be organized and competitions thrown. The purpose is to create what they call in art schools a picture, which is in the case of sculpture putting several pieces in the same place and try to deliver a message. The best picture will win the competition. And after you eat the fruits. So actually this was about eating fruits, but after trying to let your imagination flow on those fruits.