Most Incredible Rock Star Experience & Karaoke


Karaoke is definitely the most popular activity in Asia. Karaoke bars can be found anywhere in big cities, and they remain the closest thing to a stage for those of us who had the dream one day to become a singer. Being a singer. Travel all around the country and the world, your songs known by everyone, sign autographs everywhere you go. And the concerts. In front of thousands of people cheering your name …

Well, fame. Fame is not promised by karaoke, otherwise everybody would be famous. And if everybody is famous, no one is. But this activity promises a lot of fun, and some weird sounds emanating from the not so good singers-for-a-night. This unmissable hen’s night activity will create an amusing atmosphere. It will be a night no one in your crew will soon forget, not with lungs like yours anyway!

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