The Best Private Kart Contest For Your Hens Night Party


All of us have found ourselves stuck in traffic, hands on the wheel, wishing that there were no one on the road. All of us have found ourselves stuck in traffic while in a hurry wishing to be able to be a race pilot. All of us have wished to be in a Formula 1.

Well the truth is that a kart is not a Formula 1, but it is the closest most of us can get to be in a Formula 1. But the sensation are here. They are here and they remain with us the rest of the day. It is probably the closest thing you can get from absolute freedom, the kind of freedom that only the road gives us, without putting our lives in danger one single second.

Because that is probably that what karting is all about: safe sensation. Safe freedom. Safe competitiveness.

It is also a great stress reliever. Stress that you accumulated during the wedding planning. What is better than the roaring motors to reduce your stress?

Indeed, let’s picture ourselves in the situation a mechanical failure of our car’s engine. This kind of situation would stress anyone. But where would we get our relief from that situation? When we hear and feel the motor whirring again. The vibrations under our hands make us sigh from relief.

Finally, it is also a way to figure out who from your bridesmaids will endure best the pressure of the wedding, through a race. So I don’t know what are you waiting for, this activity is for you.

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