Most Incredible Tailor Dresses


Your wedding dress is not ready? Your bridesmaids do not have their tailor dresses yet? Or you just love beautiful dresses? This activity is here in case.

We believe that this opportunity is the perfect match of one of our other activities: the shopping day with private guide. What is better as a break from shopping than more shopping? You and your girls will go to one of the best tailors in town, specialized in women, and you will spend a couple of hours trying dresses, and why not finding the one your closet was missing for years!

Once you picked your dress, they will be ready before you leave Thailand, if you are staying a couple more days. The dresses can be delivered in almost every country on Earth, but take the time of delivery into account.

Book our tailor now, and alongside the shopping day activity, create a day full of visiting shops as VIPs.

tailor made dresses