Tree Top Challenge For Party Girls


A tree top challenge or monkey trail is one of the coolest ways to discover the nature. And the nature in Thailand is amazing, as it is a tropical setting.

A monkey trail is a series of obstacles in the trees, made of wooden plank, ropes and zip cable. All along the way, you will be safely harnessed to a cable using two carabiners. Some of the obstacles are quite physical, some are quite impressive, some just easy to allow to enjoy the nature. The two most impressive and therefore the best adrenaline chock providers are the zip line and the rope to swing from one tree to the next one.

Why do we offer this activity for a team building event? First the connection of monkey trail with the nature being quite obvious, this represents the best activity to get out of the office, get outside of Bangkok and get outside of the civilization. Second this is a sport activity, which is always a very good thing for workers who tend to stay at their desk all day long.

 Third, it is also the type of activity everybody likes and can enjoy, in accordance with their physical capabilities, and even so it is not practiced with a team, this activity incites people to help one another. This activity reinforces motivation and loyalty to the company, while allowing your employees a get-away of the city and its problems.

So if you are not afraid of heights and your heart desires to go back to Mother Nature, this activity is made for you.

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