Flying Chicken Restaurant


This is the most original restaurant we offer: the Flying Chicken Restaurant. The principle of this restaurant is making a show with the food. And the food we are talking about here is chicken.

The beginning of the meal is the cooking part of the show. The entire flying chicken is fried, or roasted (depending on your order). Then the chicken is put in a catapult, and at the signal of the belt is propelled in the air. While the chicken is flying, there are flames all around, to add to the effect. The question is how do you get your chicken now right?

Some of you might be wondering: “am I supposed to catch the chicken?” The answer is no obviously; it would be half a show then. There is one person in charge of catching the chicken. But as you might have guessed from what you know already about this (very) original restaurant, this person has to do something special while catching the chicken. Well, this person is riding a unicycle. You won’t be able to say that this place doesn’t offer an attractive service.

The best part of the restaurant is obviously the show, but the food remains great, so why not try it?

This experience is also included in some of our packages! If you want an all-in-one experience for you and the guests, check out our packages!