The Best VIP Clubbing in Bangkok For Your Hen Nights Party




Levels is probably the most famous club in the capital of Thailand, located in the heart of Bangkok’s nightlife area. Located at the sixth floor of a building on Soi 11, it has two separate atmosphere. The inside is quite big with several VIP tables on the sides, an island bar in the middle and a stage at the end. The music is mainstream EDM and hip-hop.

The outside represents the cozier part of the club, with a lounge style and a great view of the surrounding buildings. With some deep house music, it’s the place to have a chat around a drink, with possibly a cigarette if you do smoke. The staff is excellent, and there are several shows during the night. Everything is done for you to have an amazing night for your Bachelorette !

Q Bar


For over 12 years, Q Bar Bangkok has been the premier nightlife destination in Bangkok, Thailand. Voted by BK Readers Choice Awards as the best Bar in Bangkok every year since 2005. International Dj’s from all over the world as well as the cream of the Bangkok crop of all call Q Bar home. Now newly renovated, if you haven’t been to Q Bar before, now’s the time ! Have the Hen Nights Party you deserve and dance the night away !




Insanity is the new club in town, located in the heart of the city center, at Soi 11. This club opens a bit later than the other clubs we offer, but closes also later. It is the perfect place to end the night of your Bachelorette. The club is composed of one huge room, with the bars and the stage alongside the walls.

This place is packed with people, which allow the place to have a great atmosphere after 2am. The VIP area is quite large, allowing you to have plenty of space to dance inside of it. This club as every after party clubs is smoke free inside. As the place is big and can hold a lot of people, it is perfect to bring your girlfriends there for your Hen Nights Party!

Ce La Vi


Ce La Vi is a club located in Sathorn, at the BTS Station Chong Nonsi, at the top of a building. This club is high profile, and probably the most expensive of the list we can provide you. The view is great, the cocktails also! The music played over there is Electro House.

 This the place to go if you want to avoid to look too accessible, as it is quite expensive to get in. Only the young and rich Thai elite go there, as well as the expats. If you want to experience what Bangkok can provide as the priciest, you have to go there for your classy Bachelorette!



Narz is a giant club located in Asok. The crowd going there is a mix of locals and foreigners. Its location is very convenient for you, as it is closed to many hotels and to other clubs that are on our list. The music is electro, and it invites quite a lot of DJs to perform. The club closes at 2am, it is therefore a good club to begin your night of clubbing, as most of the after party clubs are interesting to go to after 2am. It is the perfect mix between Levels and RCA!



RCA or Royal City Avenue is not technically a club, it is a street with several clubs. The main one is Route 66, and it is the biggest blub in Bangkok. And we say it is big, it is big! The main advantage of this street is the quality of music, the fact that the prices are a bit less expensive than the rest of the clubs in town. The reason why is the fact that this street is where the locals party. If you are tired of seeing only expats partying, you definitely have to go there to have the best Hen Nights Party.



Glow is our most special club. At the opposite of the rest of our VIP clubbing list, this club is underground, which means that the music played over there will not please everyone. But if you love the atmosphere of underground techno club, you will love this one! The population in the club is composed by trendy hipster locals and techno parades aficionados from the rest of the world, which will allow you to meet some interesting people during your Bachelorette!



Sugar is located on Soi 11, and it is the hip-hop club of the capital. If you love this type of music, no need to try another club, you won’t get happier anywhere else. Sugar is also considered to be an after party club, which allow it to close later than most clubs. The staff is great, and it is smoke free inside as well. If we had to give the bad sides of the club, is the fact that there is not a lot of place to dance, due to the facts of the club being a bit small and the number of tables.



Mixx is THE after party club in Bangkok. Even if we have already introduce other clubs as being after party clubs, Mixx is the one closing the latest. The atmosphere becomes to be great around 3am. The club holds two different rooms with two different atmospheres. The first room is hip-hop and mainstream pop, the second one is more house and electro. Smoking is only allowed in the second room. This club has one main advantage: the place to dance.