VIP Package

The Best Of The Best In Bangkok

“It must be good to be a VIP!” is the kind of sentence everyone has heard or said at least once. Today is your day to tell “Yes it is”. The VIP package is about giving you a best of Bangkok, all of it in one day. So buckle up and make the best of that day!

When does it starts?

At 9:45AM

When does it ends?

Around 3AM

Where does it starts?

At the Cooking School (the address you will be given to you)

Where does it ends?

The Minivan brings you back at your hotel/villa

What is included in the package?

  • 1 Cooking Class
  • 1 Shopping with Guide
  • 1 Male Body Shot
  • 1 Sushi Dinner
  • 1 Prank
  • 1 Male Stripper at the hotel
  • 1 Black Limousine
  • 1 Male Stripper in the limousine
  • 1 Bottle of champagne
  • Levels
  • 1 Minivan

What do we recommend as optional features?

  • Alcohol Package at hotel
  • Sexy Waiter at hotel

At what price?

The price is 8,040 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people

What are the conditions?

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the VIP Package, if you want to add a Stripper, or you want more alcohol in the limousine, or more for any services, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!

9:45AM: Perfect Your Cooking Skills

The day starts with a cooking session including lunch, as you will prepare it. This opportunity is here for you to learn new tricks and recipes, and to enjoy with your girls!
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1PM: Let’s Go The Mall … Today!

Apart to the How I Met Your Mother reference, this afternoon is dedicated to shopping. Your Guide will meet you after your class to take you to the closest mall to the cooking school. From there she will take you to all the places you may fancy for that afternoon, shopping wise. For three hours or more.
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7PM: Drink On Naked Support

Back to the hotel, and after some time on your own, you will start the night. The Sexy Body Shot is here to get you really started, and its naughty aspect you will set up the theme for the night. Drinking alcohol from a naked body is naughty as hell!
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8PM: Eat On Naked Support

After drinking that much tequila, you might feel a certain urge to eat. Perfect. In the menu tonight we have some sushi, and fruits. It might sound a bit filthy, but you will eat where you drunk sooner. Sorry … or not!
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9PM: Prank Your Girls

Someone will stop the party and you will get your friends in a stressful time, because of this unplanned guest. Rest assure, the unplanned will not be unwanted!
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9PM: …Or Good Surprise!

Striptease! The prank turned to be actually very exciting! The Stripper will stay one hour with you to get the heater up, then direction the wilderness of the Bangkok streets.
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10PM: The Entertainer

If you thought you would only get one Striptease, think again! Because there is another Stripper waiting for you in the car!
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10PM: The Entertainer

If you thought you would only get one Striptease, think again! Because there is another Stripper waiting for you in the car!
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10PM: Cheers!

You have a bachelorette party to celebrate, and you have champagne for that!


The final stop of the night is obviously the night club! A VIP (of course) table will be waiting for you with three bottles of spirit on it. It’s time to show your dancing skills to the world!
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3AM: Back To The Hotel

After this exhausting day, you will be too tired to find a taxi on your own. Do not worry, we offer you a minivan to bring you girls back safe.

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