Thai Style Bachelorette Package

Enjoy your hens party and experience the culture of Thailand with our Thai style package.

Coming over to Thailand and Why do a party the western style , Why should the Thai’s always have the Thai style parties why not you . Try our the fun and Thai style of party for a night and endure their culture food and the party

7PM: Bad Surprise…

A knock on your hotel room door. What is that? You are not supposed to expect someone. Still, there is a man in a uniform at the door (any costume you may fancy), and there is a problem (depending on the role he is playing).

8:10PM: …Or Knock Knock!

… Your Sexy Male Thai guide to take you around town is at your door to escort you ladies to the Thai Style Bachelorette Tuk Tuk

8:15PM: …Tuk Tuk a way you go!

Get Sync into the Tuk tuks with the fresh air as the tuk tuks take you around to the busy side of the city with the lights lit up on sky straight over to your Thai Style Restaurant


9:00PM: …yummy and tipsy!

Thai style restuarant with tummy filled with Thai Food and Getting tipsy with a bottle of Thai Whisky

10.15PM: Pick Up To Next Destination

After all these emotions, the Minivan will pick you up from your Restaurant to take you to the next stop of your night: the Host Bar night club and back to hotel . The Minivan will transport in a great comfort all night long!

10:30PM: Go Go Bar For Women

Why should men be the only one to enjoy the sexual openness of Thailand? That’s why Host Bars exists. And in the one you are going, a bottle will be waiting for you at your table. A great show to continue a great night for your Thai style bachelorette party !

Midnight: Enough Seating, Now Dance!

After this spectacular show, the last stop of the night, the club. Order your spirits and party like a thai for the rest of the evening along side with your guide and get dropped back at your hotel safely after you finish your party at the Thai Night club

 Around 3AM

At your hotel

At your hotel

  • 1 Thai Male Stripper Prank at your hotel
  • 1 Male Thai Party guide
  • 3 Tuk tuk
  • 1 Funky minivan
  • 1 Dinner ( food And a bottle of Thai whisky )
  • 1 Host Bar
  • 1 Thai Night club ( only entry )
  • Sushi Dinner
  • Body Shot
  • Alcohol package at your hotel
  • Accommodation
  • Day activity
  • VIP Table at Club

The price is 4000 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Thai Style package, if you want to add a Stripper, or you want more from the services, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!