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Best Male stripper in Bangkok!


Male Stripper For A Bachelorette Party

Bangkok is considered the party capital of the world and is the perfect place to throw a bachelorette party. It goes without saying that no bachelorette party is complete without a male stripper. Our male strippers (click here if you want female strippers) are the sexiest in Thailand and are even better than you can imagine. They are required to go through a very rigorous process before we hire them so that we only have the best quality male strippers for your bachelorette party.

They maintain their perfect body by doing things such as bodybuilding, professional dancing, martial arts, gym coaches and even professional male models. The bachelorette will see all of her stripper fantasies fulfilled when our male strippers arrive. Once they know who the bachelorette is they will focus on her to give her the best experience possible. She will be in heaven when she is surrounded by our perfect male strippers and is getting a lap dance from one stripper while another grabs her hand and moves it across his sexy body.


Male Stripper For A Private Venue

Planning a party and want to make it sexy? Book our male strippers and they will fulfill all of your fantasies at any kind of party including bachelor parties, birthday parties or even private parties. If you are throwing a private birthday party at a party friendly hotel or pool villas, our male strippers make the perfect gift for the birthday girl. Imagine the look on her face when he arrives and he’s the man of her fantasies. It is guaranteed to be the best birthday party of her life and she will definitely thank you for it.

When booking our male strippers, we also have the option to prank the birthday girl. Our strippers love dressing up as pizza delivery men, cops, or even firefighters. They can dress up as cops and pretend to be there to arrest everyone for all of the loud noises and then proceed to handcuff the birthday girl to a chair. She will be in for the shock of her life when they surround her and start stripping their clothes off. Our male strippers are very professional and are more than happy to play any role that you require. When contacting us just let us know what you want ahead of time, and we will prepare it for you.


Sexy Games With A Male Stripper For Your Hen Night

Our playboys are guaranteed to give you the best stripper experience of your life, however, they aren’t only there to strip, they are also there to party and play sexy games with you. This includes games such as sexy beer pong, the Kama Sutra challenge, sexy Russian roulette, and body shot races. The Kama Sutra challenge is a definite recommendation and will be sexy up any party and get everyone feeling hot and sweaty. Imagine two teams pairing up and doing as many Kama Sutra positions as possible in 20 seconds with one of the sexiest men you have ever seen in your life. He will gracefully guide you through each pose. Which team will win?


Best Male Stripper In Thailand

Everyone knows that no bachelorette party is complete without a playboy. When we hire our playboys, we make sure that they have the best bodies possible and have the faces that women only see in their dreams. They are not only there for bachelorette parties, but they are also available for private parties and even birthday parties. Keep in mind that our playboys are only available for private venues and not public. We recommend planning your party at a party friendly hotel or one of our pool villas to have the ultimate party possible. Don’t be shy, contact us and book the male playboys of your dreams.