Awesome Naughty Games


You are currently finding yourself in front of a choice: to be wild or not to be wild? Which one is it going to be? If you are reading this right now, we all know what your choice already is. With Hen’s Nights Bangkok, your wildest dreams will come to life.

Don’t be shy, and enjoy the solid bodies of our strippers combined with various edibles, and maybe even a few toys in these games. Let us give you a few examples of games that the party planner and the strippers can put together. Eating M&Ms and whipped cream from the strong bodies of our strippers. Press a balloon between you and their great chests. Try to win a competition of throwing little hoops, points are only accorded if the hoop land on the strap on they will carry. And other various drinking games to make your night very, very naughty …

This is why the games with strippers should be in a private location, such as your hotel suite. The second recommendation is to start the party without the stripper, in order to have some alcohol in your blood beforehand. As the strippers start hard!

Our strippers are very open to any request you may had, and sexy as hell! They are very friendly as well and make some great jokes. Add this with their smile and we could almost go as far as saying that they marriage material!!

If you haven’t understand that already, our Hen’s Night Games with strippers are the thing to do if you want to have great sexy memories!