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Party Guide


Finding your way in Bangkok’s jungle by yourself is not an easy task and you will need an insider with you at all times to make the experience as fluid and fun as possible as you avoid all the traps and troubles that you might get into while getting drunk and unleashing your party animal.

Model Stripper


What is a bachelorette party without the one thing that makes it exceptional? The one thing that gives it this spark of forbidden? This element that makes you take an oath of secrecy with your friends? “What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand?” Something that will be considered as the best and last event of your young maiden life? This one last naughty moment before tying the knot?

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Partying is one of the coolest activities ever created, unless you do not like it. But if you do not like it, you probably should not be planning to do a bachelorette party. During a party, as we all know the alcohol is king. But the trouble with that is to fill up your empty drink. And usually the queue at the bar is long, very long.