Model Stripper

What is a bachelorette party without the one thing that makes it exceptional? The one thing that gives it this spark of forbidden? This element that makes you take an oath of secrecy with your friends? “What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand?” Something that will be considered as the best and last event of your young maiden life? This one last naughty moment before tying the knot?

We all know the answer to these questions, and it is the presence of Male Strippers at your last great moment of your singlehood. In order to make for reality to match your expectations, we offer a selection of the finest Male Model Strippers. Our Strippers are Thai or foreigners, and we have the capacity to get you someone fitting your type of men. Not only are they your type of men, but they have also been selected by our company. In order to be a Stripper for Hen Nights Bangkok, men need to perfectly respect the Three Commandments of Strippers.


The Three Commandments of Strippers

The First Commandment is “Be Sexy”. All of our Strippers have been selected firstly on their physical attributes. They all possess an Adonis-like body. A body like this has to be taken care of, which is why we select our Strippers on their daily occupation, to make sure that they will remain the way they look. All of our Strippers are either professional dancers, models or gym coaches. A good portion of them also practice martial arts, as Muay Thai, and the rest are gym aficionados.

The Second Commandment is “Be Pro”. As a prelude, we need to emphasize on the fact that our Model Strippers have a lot of experience, both on stripping and also on their daily occupation, which as we said is a big helping factor for our Strippers to achieve excellence. For Strippers, it implicates three attributes. First, our Model Strippers are always punctual, which is the first measure to be sure the activity starts smoothly. Second, they live in the Land of Smiles, so they are obviously always smiling. Third, they are open-minded, which means they are open to any of your requests, from lap dances to something naughtier …

The Third Commandment is “Be Fun”. Even if the first part of their performance is about stripping, the second part is about entertaining. To be honest, no one wants a gloomy entertainer. Our Model Strippers are funny and fun, and this part of this job very seriously. Their daily job also helps them four this Commandment. They are dancers, models and coaches, which means they have the habit of being good at bringing attention on them, but also at entertaining people.


The locations of the Stripper performance can happen everywhere you see fit. The only we advise you to consider in your choice of location for the show is the fact that you might prefer a remote place for privacy concerns. The show can happen in your hotel suite, as it can happen at a villa, as the main activity or as a part of a bigger one, as a pool party. It can happen on a yacht or on a sailing boat. It can happen in a limousine, or a party mini-van. It can even happen in a privatized room of a bar or a restaurant. To sum up, it can happen anywhere, at any time.


Our Strippers performance lasts for an hour, divided into two or three parts. The first part of the performance is optional. The Strippers will arrive announced, or unannounced (optional) and starts their show by a surprise prank. They are several types of pranks, which all start the same way: knocks on the door.

 The disguise is up to you: pizza delivery guy, firefighter, gangster, or even law enforcement officer … The prank part will last around 5 minutes, then the second part of the show begins. 15 minutes of pleasure for the senses, especially for the eyes and your hands … Your role as the organizer is to show them who is the bride, and the first minutes of the striptease will be for her, and then the rest of the group will enjoy these pleasures. As said, the bride will enjoy the first lap dance, and maybe the second and the third as well!

 Then everyone will have her share of touching seeing, smelling and lap dancing. The Strippers will do their show for a total of one hour, so the time remaining is dedicated to sexy games. Eating M&Ms and whipped cream from the godly bodies of our strippers. Press a balloon between you and their strong chests. Try to win a competition of throwing little hoops, points are only accorded if the hoop land on the strap on they will carry. And other various drinking games to make your night very, very naughty …

Bangkok and by extension Thailand are considered by most as one of the best places in the world for a bachelor or a bachelorette party, right after Las Vegas. We all know about Las Vegas, but we might know a little less about the qualities of having such a party in Thailand. In our case, our Strippers are as sexy as in Las Vegas, as pro and as funny.

 But they have one advantage over the ones in the US. They don’t pack up their things after the end of their one hour performance, they stay. They can even stay all night with you, but in the condition that you and your friends are ready to party, and we mean party, we mean party hard!