Funky Minivan


The Funky Minivan is the most convenient way of transport we can offer you. If you compare the Minivan to the two other ways of transport we have, the vehicle is shorter, which makes it ideal when you want transportation in the middle of Bangkok. The Minivan can transport 10 people at the maximum, excluding the driver. The Minivan is not only ideal for urban transport, it is also great for road trips. The Minivan is very comfortable, which allow to take some naps on the way to other cities.

But the Minivan is more than just a comfortable way of transportation. This the perfect way of transportation after nightfall, and the fastest way to get from point to another in an urban area, like a taxi. But you can’t leave anything in the taxi. If you do not want to take your shopping bags inside the club, you can leave it in the Minivan. Which allow you absolute freedom. You can still shop in Bangkok at midnight, but when we go out we usually don’t do it. Now, with the Minivan, you can.

At last, the minivan is not named the Funky Minivan for no reason. You can benefit from the sound system and the LED lights inside. You will not waste a minute of your wild night in transportation, because the party will continue in the Funky Minivan!