Cocktail Class

Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Caïpirinha, Cosmopolitan, Cuba Libre, Margarita, or even Mai Tai. These words are the echo of parties. Most of us know these words, and have tried them at least once. There are the types of drinks we all love, but we never really know what is inside, do we? I am not even talking of preparing them. And new cocktails are created every day. How can we possibly keep up? The truth is we can’t. But we can learn to try.
The cocktail class is therefore the best place to learn to try. It is the place where you can learn to make several cocktails, but also the few tricks that bartenders master. How to properly use a shaker, how to properly mix a drink, and maybe learn how to juggle with the bottles and the glasses.
Cocktails are one of those particular things that are a mix of art and science. The art part relies on the creativity and the colors of the drink. The science part rely on knowing the elements of the drink, and also their density. Density is very important, it separates a good from a fantastic drink. We have all drink a cocktail where all the alcohol was at the end of the drink, and it was undrinkable.
So in order to not have to go out every time to try to get a decent cocktail, why don’t you and your besties learn it, to replace you legendary nights out in bars by the same legendary nights at home, with your own cocktails? Sounds fun right? So let’s go to cocktail class![shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”21813062″] Add to Quote

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