Boat Parties


What can be the best for your privacy than spending your Bachelorette party night out on a luxury Yacht with your chicks? Located in Pattaya, everything is planned for purely amazing entertainment: a great video sound system, a large flat screen TV, a comfortable lounge, and shhhhh, the sexiest men! This option is obviously the best for the ones who want to enjoy an unforgettable private party with worries-free on budget!! With a 24 people capacity, our VIP Yacht allows you to have fun with all of your besties!. 

Day Activities


Beat the Heat (And traffic!) with the flow rider simulated wave surfing machine, bar & restaurant, plunge pool – They got everything you need to chill and relax all in one easy to reach downtown location! Ideal for a day time activity of your hens party, Flow House have everything for you, surfing, plunge pool, bar/restaurant, pool table and plenty of space to just kick back and relax… So whether you’re an experienced surfer, wake boarder, snowboarder or a total newbie, they’ll have you stand-up Flow boarding or body boarding in no time at all!


One of the most unique restaurant experiences you’ll ever have! Plunged into darkness, take full advantage of the skilled chefs working! Outstanding dinner guaranteed, even if you can’t actually see it… Try this new experience with your friends, you will never forget this dinner!.

Warm Up Bars

To many people, the words beautiful or pretty may not be the first to come to mind when describing Bangkok. But that’s probably because they haven’t seen the best of it yet. Fusing an imaginative setting, a creative drink list and a view to kill, Bangkok roof top restaurants have done justice to the city less appreciated for its urban scenery than a time-honored culture. With ‘’Hens Party Bangkok’’ Check out one of these venues and you will start to agree that Bangkok is indeed beautiful.

Ladies Night Out

Let yourself get lost in Bangkok, the city where you can experience a range of different style clubs in a same night with our guides bar crawl! You will be spotted on by the nightlife attractions. Your party guide will show you the best places to have fun at in the city center.

VIP Clubbing

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, LEVELS Club & Lounge hosts to a world-class NIGHTLIFE experience in an amazing audio-visual environment. This club is currently one of the most fashionable clubs in Bangkok and a perfect spot for your Hen Night!.

At your Hotel

The concept is simple: a mountain of sushi, a sexy guy wearing only underwear, you and your best friends eating on him… Nothing better to spice up your dinner and to begging your crazy girls night out!