Hens Night Bangkok Survival Kit

To make sure you won’t miss anything during your Hens Party, we designed a special ‘’BKK Survival Kit’’ designed for a terrific time here. This survival kit can prove very useful at some point of the night and might help you jump back into the big party spirit.

Moreover, we offer you “Bachelorette Party’’ T-shirts to make sure people around you know you are with the same group. And as it is a visible sign of a Bachelorette party, it attracts the laughs and smiles of people nearby all along your crazy night. Everyone around will know what you are there for and may approach you in a very friendly manner for this reason.

Which Bangkok angel wouldn’t want to join the party of a crazy Bachelorette group having the time of their life? We’ve chosen the well-known ‘’Game Over’’ design for the front of the shirt and in case you lose your way (very unlikely thanks to our great Tour Managers) we’ve prepared a special blank text on the back of the shirt to write your hotel address and our contact info, in case you stumble off or get too drunk to remember where you are and where you need to go.

Bachelorette fancy costumes and items:

Bachelorette Bangkok offers you the possibility to spend your special night dressed with the fanciest costumes and accessories you can imagine to get the laughs of all the people you will meet and make sure you won’t pass unnoticed! Without counting on the crazy pictures you will get from this very special night. Our fancy costumes are available for sale and for rent.