Fun Day Activities Package

Learn To Discover

Amazing Adventure and Striptease Class OR Pole Dancing Class will make your day very interesting. Day full of fun and discoveries, to see Thailand on one side, and your friends and your body on the other side, in a different way.
When does it starts?
When does it ends?
Around 5PM
Where does it starts?
At your hotel, where the minivan will pick you up to take you to the Suan Plern Market
Where does it ends?
At your hotel
What is included in the package?

  • 1 Amazing Adventure Gastronomic Trail
  • 1 Minivan
  • 1 Pole Dancing or Striptease Class

What do we recommend as optional features?

  • VIP Clubbing
  • Stripper
  • Warm Up Bar

At what price?
The price is 3,000 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people
What are the conditions?
There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!
In the case of the Fun Day Activity Package, if you want to have a different Trail, or another class, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!

9AM: Trip To The Race

The Minivan will pick you up to take you to the race of your bachelorette trip. It will then bring you to your class, and back to your hotel. Perfect way to survive the traffic of Bangkok in a comfortable and cool atmosphere with all your girls!
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10AM: A Race To Discover The Culture

Amazing Adventure is the day activity to do in Bangkok. Allowing you to discover the Thai culture from a local point of view, this experience is the perfect opportunity to understand this country in half a day. And in the case of the Gastronomic Trail, lunch is included!
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3PM: Learn How To Undress

If you want to make sure you have everything you need for your future life as a wife, the striptease class is for you. By doing this class, you will make sure that your husband will never look at another woman for the rest of his life! And this is a way to spice things up during the honeymoon…
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Pole Dancing Class:

If you think you haven’t done enough sport that day, the pole dancing class is for you. This sport, because it is one, requires agility and core strength. But the results are so impressive that you will make your husband’s jaw drop!
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