At your hotel Package

Choose our best seller package to be sure to spend an amazing weekend. We plan for you two days and two nights full of funny activities in Bangkok!

Naughty And Privacy

A bachelorette party is not that great with that part of naughty. This package is about making your bachelorette party one you will remember. In the privacy of your hotel room, you will be the witnesses of the naughtiest show we can offer.

7PM: Let’s Get This Party Started!

The first man you will see is the Sexy Waiter. He will serve you your first drink of the party. His mission: make sure that you always have a drink in your hand. The party has started!


7PM: Tequila Is Good For You

The first activity of the night is a very naughty one. The purpose is still to drink, but not everywhere and not in any manner. This time with tequila. One shot. Or several. On someone. On a Sexy Boy. You decide the body part you will use as support for your shot…

8PM: Dinner Is Served!

After drinking that much tequila, you might feel a certain urge to eat. Perfect. In the menu tonight we have some sushi. But like for the tequila shots, the support is alive. Indeed, the table is the Boy. Bon appétit!


9PM: Let The Show Begins

After filling yourselves with rice and fish, give some room for the show. The striptease show. Magical moment. After the final lap dance given to the luckiest of you girls, the Stripper will play with you some Naughty Games to end the party!

At your hotel

At your hotel

• 1 Male Body Shot/Sushi Dinner
• 1 Male Stripper
• 1 Sexy Waiter

  • Stripper Prank
  • Alcohol package
  • Accommodation
  • VIP Clubbing

The price is 2,500 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people

In the case of the At Your Hotel Package, if you want to add a Stripper, or a Sexy Waiter, or you just want the party to last longer, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!