Sexy Waiter


Partying is one of the coolest activities ever created, unless you do not like it. But if you do not like it, you probably should not be planning to do a bachelorette party. During a party, as we all know the alcohol is king. But the trouble with that is to fill up your empty drink. And usually the queue at the bar is long, very long.

If you do a private party, the queue is less of an issue, but sometimes you are just too busy to take care of your drinks. What if someone was here to take care of it for you? This is what our Waiters are here for! Open your hand and let the drink reach it instead of the other way around!

Caution! Our Waiters are not like the rest! They are Sexy! And in order to allow you to better appreciate how hot they are, they are topless! Perfect for in suite party, yacht party and of course pool party (you don’t even have to exit the pool to get a drink, how cool is that?). 

They also come along great with our Male Strippers, as you won’t miss the show because the Sexy Waiters are as hot as the Male Strippers. The differences between the two are: the Male Strippers strip and entertain you with games, but do not serve drinks; the Sexy Waiters do the opposite. But you can touch all of them, and they all can perform lap dances. So what not take the full package?