Jacuzzi Party Package

With all these skyscrapers, Bangkok has numerous roof tops. But a very limited number of them can be privatized. This is what we offer you in the  penthouse suite. Take the view without the people, add some food and alcohol, and a few men, and you have the recipe for a great night!

Rooftop Penthouse Suite

This is one of the best hotels in Bangkok, when it comes to features. Because in the contrary of the other hotels of that category, this one is made for partying. And we have the privilege to give you the absolute best suite in the hotel. This one is a penthouse suite, with 6 rooms connected to a terrace with not one but two Jacuzzis. This the perfect place to throw an amazing party!


6PM: Some Food In Your Belly

Your arrival in Bangkok and the flight might have left a bit starved, so there is some food for you! You will have the food directly in your suite, and it will be cooked in front of you. Perfect way to start the night


Food is great, but let’s be honest, alcohol is better for a party. While finishing your meal, have a few drinks in the Jacuzzis. Do not worry, the heat is around the corner!



In this package, we give you two Male Strippers. Because there are two Jacuzzis. They will start with a classic striptease, and then go on with games in the Jacuzzis. Even though they are performing for 1 hour, they usually stay longer…


Around  3AM

At your hotel

At your hotel

  • 1 Jacuzzi Penthouse Suite
  • 1 Buffet in your Suite
  • 2 Male Strippers
  • 1 Alcohol Package (1 bottle of spirit, 2 bottles of champagne, 2 bottles of wine, water, soft drinks, ice)
  • VIP Clubbing
  • Sexy Waiter
  • Day activity

The price is 5,255 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Jacuzzi Party Package, if you want to add a Stripper, or you want more alcohol, or add more rooms, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!