Sushi Boy Dinner

A mountain of sushi, a sexy guy wearing only underwear..
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Dine in the Dark

Outstanding dinner guaranteed, even if you can’t actually see it..
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Flying Chicken Restaurant

A whole fried chicken flies through the air as diners gasp in suspense.
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Roof Tops

There are a lot of rooftops in Bangkok, and some of them hold restaurants. Some of them are considered to be part of the best restaurants in town, and not only for the view.
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Traditional Thai Food

Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the best in Asia, and it would be a shame to pass by it. There is street food everywhere in Bangkok and in the rest of Thailand. But for a proper dinner, it is best to take a seat around a table to eat in a more comfortable atmosphere.
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International Food

Not a fan of Thai cuisine, or just afraid of the spices? Then we can offer you a selection of international restaurants, very popular in Thailand. Most of the international food offered in these restaurants are barbecued meat, pizzas and hamburgers.
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Sea Food

Thailand is renowned for its seafood, and holds several seafood markets in every city. Seafood is so present in Thailand that there is a part of the Thai cuisine dedicated to the seafood.
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Silom Village

After a day of activities and before a night of clubbing, dinner can be considered as a buzz killer. One of the best way to stay entertained during your dinner is what we can offer in a selection of restaurants in Silom Village.
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Chaopraya Buffet Dinner

Feeling hungry? Want to try excellent Thai food? Want to have a great view? Cannot choose from the other propositions? You do not have to!
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