In order to keep souvenirs of your crazy nights along with your privacy, we can offer you 3 options to have pictures of your party:Option 1: Photographer with Digital Camera
If you would like to have a lot of pictures of your special time in Bangkok without having to worry about taking the pictures yourself, we can provide you a professional photographer that will follow you during your adventure and will give you all the pictures at the end on a USB drive.Option 2: Photographer with Polaroid
We will provide you with a professional photographer who will take the best shots of your adventure all along your day and night. No need to worry about taking pictures or getting your phone out of your pockets. He will take pictures with a Polaroid, for your own privacy, to make sure you don’t forget some naughty pictures in your phone on your way back home… The pictures will be taken for you and by a professional!Option 3: Polaroid Camera included with the survival kit
We can include in the survival kit a Polaroid camera so you won’t have to be accompanied by our photographer and you still can take pictures of your crazy time without having to worry that you forgot some pictures on your camera or on your phone.