The Best Private Boat Party on Chao Phraya River


Private Boat party on the Chao Phraya River is becoming one of the most fashionable parties in the land of smiles’ capital. What truly makes the party great is the fact that you will discover the river at night time, and the lights makes it truly wonderful. A surely spectacular night on the water, cruising up and down the Chao Phraya river pasting through Bangkok’s ancient temples, modern sky scrapers and under massive bridges.

This particular landscape of old and new makes the party has a typical atmosphere, helped by the sound system that will make the music echo on both new and old architecture.The finest DJ’s will serve up the latest in edge-cutting underground tunes to keep the boat rocking until it docks! The party is not just about the view and the music though. It stays a party, so alcohol as a major part of event. You will also be served some great food.

Private parties can be arranged on demand on this lovely boat.
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