The Most Exciting Paintball Contest For Party Girls


Grab you gear. Grab your gun. Check if it is working. Check if your teammates’ gears are working. Because you are going to need it. Take a deep breath. And go into the battlefield.

Paintball is the ultimate experience of war. Like the real thing, one mistake and you are out. Like the real thing, it is intense, and you get hurt. Because the paint balls hurt. They feel like a kick and they leave bruises. That is why you are only authorized to shoot only on certain body parts, the ones with protection. Once you are hit by a paint ball, you are out. You leave your team.

That is why strategy and communication are very important in this game. Without them, you will lose. This game is played with teams, so communication is the key, as well as strategy. Strategy to eliminate the enemy, communication to protect your teammates. It is nearly impossible to win at this game without a team. If you see one of your opponents playing solo, he is either crazy or very, very good. First case scenario, it represents an easy “kill” for your team. Second case scenario, run and hide.

Experts say that we need enemy, as society, in order not to select enemy inside our own organization. And a group of girls planning a wedding need an enemy. You need an enemy. You need someone to crush after those months of wedding planning.

That is why we offer paintball. Most bridesmaids wouldn’t think of that, but paintball is a great stress reliever just like Thai massages but in a very different way, and will allow you and your besties to spend a great afternoon.