The Most Incredible Private Pool Party With Sexy Entertainer


Who doesn’t like spending a day at the pool? Especially in a country like Thailand, famous for its hot weather. This is one of the thing to do during your bachelorette party. All you need is a pool, alcohol and bikinis. But not all of us know every type of activity you can do in a swimming pool. And in order to spend a day in the swimming pool, you need to have some games going on. A pool party is indeed a party before all, and in all parties there are drinking games, or other games (with drinking on the side).

So why not use our Entertainer service? Our Entertainer will be here this entire time you will spend in the pool, and will be some kind of a game master. The Entertainer will also bring some accessories, such as balls, to do some more physical games. You don’t have to think any longer about what you are going to do in the pool, the Entertainer is here for that!

So take out your bikinis, jump in the water and let yourself be entertain!

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