Dine in the Dark


Dine in the Dark is very innovative concept of eating dinner. It was launched in Europe, and the purpose was to make people experience what blind people experience on a daily basis.

The principle is that you don’t know what your order, the meals are chosen by the chef. The waiters will ask you if you have allergies before and if you are on a special diet of course. Then you wait for your food, in the dark. The waiters will bring it, and won’t tell you what you are having. You will find out by tasting the food, as long as you are able to bring it to your mouth. Yes because you also eat in the dark.

But the fact that you do not see will open a new area of experiences, because the only sense you will use is the sense of taste. The meals are guaranteed to be of a very good quality, and you will not regret to try this, because this is the kind of experience you have to do once in your life.