Disco Bus


The Disco Bus is more than just a transport mode: it is the main attraction. If you have a very long ride ahead, in the Party Bus is here for you. If you are a large group and want to be all in the same vehicle, the Party Bus is here for you. If you want to party on the way to a different city, this is the best way to do so. Whatever reason you may have, the Party Vehicle is here for you.

The Disco Bus is great for partying, and it is also an original place to have a party. When you will come back from your bachelorette trip, everyone will ask you what you did. You will not tell everything (what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand), but you will impress more people by saying you partied in a bus than if you just did partying in clubs.

The first advantage of the Party Bus is its powerful sound system. The Disco Bus also holds a DJ set, perfect for you and your friends to play any kind of music you fancy, even better with your own private DJ. The bus also has screens everywhere, to put your photos up or to watch video clips. Finally the bus has obviously toilets, as the journey can be quite long. With the baggage hold of the bus, you can transport anything you want (luggage or alcohol for example).

The Party Bus can be used into two main different ways:

  • Transport from one city to another
  • Making a tour in the same area (either Bangkok, Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand)

The Bus is perfect for large groups, with two couches on each side where a dozen people can seat comfortably. There is one last couch at the back, enough for three people: this is the VIP area. This is where the bride-to-be can seat for example. Finally there are two dancing poles in the middle, perfect to show your skills you have acquired if you took the pole dancing class with us. Everything you may need is inside this Party Bus, so what are you waiting for?